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Elite Tan (CO, NM, TX)

Elite Tan 2018 Show Schedule

March 10, 2018*: NPC Nutrithority Denver Open BB/FIG/BIK/PHYS/MCP Championships, Exdo Event Center, Denver, CO. Show Promoter: Jeff Taylor

April 14, 2018*: Northern Colorado Championships BB/FIT/FIG/BIK/PHYS/MCP Championships, Marriott Denver Tech Center, Denver, CO. Show Promoter: Jeff Taylor

May 5, 2018*: The ELITE TAN Southern Colorado & Armed Forces BB/FIG/BIK/PHYS/MCP Championships, Doherty High, Colorado Springs, CO. This is a Wounded Warriors Fundraiser! Show Promoter: Jeff Taylor. Now a National Qualifier!

May 20, 2018*: NPC Clash of the Titans BB/FIT/FIG/BIK/PHYS/MCP Championships, Parker, CO. Show Promoter: Jeff Wheeler   

June 2, 2018: IFBB ARMBRUST PRO GYM Mile High Pro  Women's Bikini & Men's  Physique Championships and Men’s Master’s Physique Championships: Marriott Denver Tech Center, Denver, Colorado

June 2, 2018*: The Mile High Showdown BB/FIG/BIK/PHYS Championships,Marriott DTC, Denver, CO.

June 9, 2018*:  MID USA BB/FIG/BIK/PHYS Championships, Albuquerque, NM. Show Promoters: Patty and Clark Sanchez

June 30, 2018*: Steel City Championships BB/FIT/FIG/BIK/PHYS/MCP Championships, CSU Hoag Hall Theater, Pueblo, CO. Show Promoter: Mark Salazar:

July 14, 2018*:  NPC Colorado State Championships BB/FIT/FIG/BIK/PHYS/MCP Championships, Buell Theater, Denver, CO. Show Promoter: Jeff Taylor

August 4th, 2018*: GIFTED NUTRITION Colorado Cup BB/FIT/BIK/PHYS/MCP Championships, Denver, CO. PHIL HEATH Guest Posing! Show Promoter: Dillon Armbrust

August 11, 2018*: Sun City Regional BB/FIG/BIK/PHYS Championships, El Paso, TX. Show Promoters: Henry Baca, Fred Guerro

August 25, 2018*: NPC Brave Heart Classic BB/FIT/FIG/BIK/PHYS Championships, Vance Brand Civic Auditorium, Longmont, CO. Show Promoter: Carol Semple

October 6, 2018*: Colorado Muscle Classic FIT/FIG/BIK/MP/WP/BB/MCP Championships, Hyatt Regency Hotel/DTC, Denver, CO. Show Promoter: Jeff Taylor

October 27, 2018*: NEW MEXICO BB/FIG/BIK/PHYS Championships, Albuquerque, NM. Show Promoters: Patty and Clark Sanchez

November 10, 2018*: NPC Rocky Mountain BB/FIT/FIG/BIK/PHYS/MCP Championships, Event and Expo at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Denver Airport Convention Center, Denver, CO.

December 9, 2018*:  NPC Iron Heart Classic  FIT/FIG/BIK/MP/WP/BB/MCP Championships, Union Colony Civic Center. Show Promoter: Carol Semple

*National or Pro Qualifier