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  • Dark Bronzer
Top Coat/0% DHA

Extreme Competition Bronze (wash-off, top coat formula) 8 oz


Product Description

Extreme Top Coat (Wash-Off Formula) is the perfect finish to ensure a winning bodybuilding spray tan! Formulated with the perfect blend of natural ingredients that will keep your skin moisturized and radiant under sizzling stage lights. Unlike most other tanning solutions, Extreme Competition Bronze does NOT contain alcohol or other chemicals which often cause dry skin and allergic reactions, making it one of the best tanning products on the market. The bronzers are hand-blended to get a perfect and naturally-flawless finish delivering unsurpassed color and smoothness on stage or off. Extreme is an almost odorless spray on tan product and dries almost immediately upon application. Designed as a top-coat, apply Extreme the morning of your competiton to intensify the depth of your base-coat tan. Need a touch-up backstage? No problem! Extreme dries instantly to get you on-stage in a hurry. Need your tan to look flawless over several days of competition? Just shower off Extreme and reapply. Your Ultimate base coat will last over 3 days even as you shower and Extreme will be fresh for your big day!


  • Odorless
  • No harsh chemicals
  • All natural
  • Wash-off formula
  • Perfect for touch-ups, or photo-shoots
  • Darkens base coat
  • Instant Color 

Directions For Use: Shake well. Hold bottle approximately 4"-6" away from body and mist on skin lightly. Use a mini paint roller to blend. Repeat as-needed to achieve desired color depth. Designed to be applied the day of competition to intensify darkness and depth of base color (Ultimate Competition Bronze) on-stage. May also be used to touch-up your tan backstage.

Elite Tan Extreme (Wash Off) washes off completely with soap and water.

For Best Results: Apply Ultimate Competiton Bronze first allowing 6-8 to darken and set (best if applied day before competition). Next, apply Extreme on the day of competition. Extreme can also be used to touch-up your tan during your competition.

Storage:  Because our competition products are All Natural, the shelf life is limited. We recommend using product within 4-5 months for best results.

For more Tips go to our FAQ page!

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  1. Great Product

    Posted by Geraldine Morgan on May 16th 2017

    Great product not only about color. This product Is not affect my skin causing water retention as other tan, no irritation no inflammation, skin can breath. So I'm very happy

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