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Everyday Colour

The Best Spray On Tan Solutions

Your Tropical tan is only a spray away! Finally! A beautiful salon-tan that is natural and beneficial for the skin! Our unique Everyday Colour are the best spray tan products created with the salon tanning technician in mind. With our wide-range of DHA solutions, salon tanning technicians can find the perfect spray-on tan match for any client. 

Elite Tan Everyday Colour solutions are hand-blended with only the finest natural and organic ingredients to deliver unsurpassed smoothness of color. Filled with antioxidants to nourish and replenish the skin, Everyday Colour is pH balanced to increase dermal penetration, enhance color and allow for slow, natural fading unlike many spray tan products. Your clients will rave at the results!

No need to over-apply, EveryDay Colour provides a beautiful, natural-looking tan in one spray-on coat.

Elite Tan EveryDay Colour comes in 5%, 8%, 10% & 12% DHA solution.

Not sure which spray on tan is best for you?

5% EveryDay Colour: is the ideal solution for fair or light complexions like blondes and redheads. Our 5% DHA solution provides a natural glow or a nice winter tan that is very subtle.

8% EveryDay Colour: is perfect for most clients. This solution will provide a natural glowing tan for anyone with light to medium skin tones.

10% EveryDay Colour: solution is perfect for medium to dark skin tones. 10% EveryDay Colour will also provide lighter-skinned clients with a nice bronze tan.

12% Everyday Colour: is recommended for those clients with dark skin tones, competitors that need a dark base tan, and also for individuals that may be DHA resistant. Although this is ideal for darker-skinned individuals, this solution may look unnatural on someone with light skin tones.