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My name is Christine Vaillancourt and I am the owner of Elite Tan, Inc. As a competitive bodybuilder and figure athlete for over twenty years, I have tried every spray tan for competition on the market. Over ten years ago, I was exposed to Elite Tan while being airbrushed for a competition. I immediately fell in love with the product. It surpassed other fake tan products used in the bodybuilding circuit. Not only is it a beautiful color and completely odorless, but a natural and organic competition spray tan solution as well. I decided then to bring this superior spray tan for competition to Colorado by starting my own airbrush tanning business featuring Elite Tan. Tanning for the Colorado and New Mexico NPC for the last ten years has allowed me to introduce the best spray tan for competition to so many competitors at both the amateur and professional level. They are always amazed at how beautiful the color is going on, how well it stays, how easily it comes off after the show not to mention how gentle it is on their skin. Now you can order this incredible spray tan solution for yourself!